.what lifestyle photography is all about.

did you know castle in the air specializes in lifestyle photography? well, it’s true. do you know what lifestyle photography is? let me give you a little insight into what i personally and professionally consider lifestyle photography to be. being a lifestyle photographer to me means capturing unscripted life moments. it means letting family be family, children be children, and couples be as fun as they actually are. it means telling jokes, getting to know each other, and calling each other friend. it means building relationships, catching real smiles and laughter, and always creating new memories. as a wife and mom, lifestyle photography is what i crave for my memory books. i don’t want us to look fake. i want us to be us. as a photographer, i understand the importance of a good pose. i also understand and appreciate how a pose can become so much more. it can quickly move from being posed to being a real moment. posing also shouldn’t look posed. it should look real and bring forth some sort of emotional response. that’s what i consider to be successful lifestyle posing.

heather is an indianapolis, indiana lifestyle and life event photographer

to schedule your session call 317.440.0240


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