.meeting ken gehring.

everyone has a super hero. some choose aqua man, others the hulk. i choose this guy. allow me to introduce one of my favorite photographers and personally, my greatest inspiration, who is also a superman behind the lens. ladies and gentlemen, ken gehring.


tell me about yourself and what prompted you to get into photography.

My name is Ken Gehring, 46 years old and a father of 2. I live in Cabot, Arkansas. I have always had an interest in photography but never really pursued it until a couple of years ago when some personal issues arose and I went through a very difficult and trying time in my life. I had bought a Canon Rebel for myself and decided that I needed a distraction from all the negatives in my life, so I picked up my camera and started shooting. My niece, Jessica, at the time was interested in modeling so we sat out on an adventure together. Almost 2 years later, here we are.


what can clients expect from you when they book a session?

When I work with a client, I always tell them I am going to follow them around with a camera and take shots. I ask them to just be natural and do things that they would normally do. I am not into a lot of “poses” when I photograph someone. I am looking for organic movements and expressions. I think some of the best images come when the client is not expecting me to capture the moment.


how do you create that one-of-a-kind experience for your clients?

I like to meet with my clients first for a consultation and find out what they expect from their session and see any ideas that they may have. I want them to be comfortable and be past the “we just met” feeling. It is my goal to capture them in their element “being them”. I love when a client asks to shoot at their home or a special place; I get a better response from them because they feel “at home”.


who is your greatest photographic inspiration and why?

Kirsty Mitchell and Annie Leibovitz are my most influenced sources. They imagery that comes from each image and the details, no matter how small is never overlooked. I am constantly amazed by their vision.

IMG_5543-Edit copy

is photography just the equipment and programs or is there something that makes it more?

I think no matter the gear that you operate with, you must have an eye for photography. You must be able to see the angles, the light, the landscape, the subject and be able to compose it into an image that grabs the attention of the viewer. I believe that knowing you editing and tools also though can bring that image to life.


what is your most memorable session/photographic experience – and why?

I think the most memorable session and personal was the session that I did of my mother with her mother’s bible. The images spoke to many people and I still receive word from fans about how they touched their lives.


if you could photograph one person, present or past – who would it be? Why?

Lady Diana and Adele. Both stunningly beautiful, strong women with amazing souls.


ken is also a master of presence on the web. for more information and to book with ken, please visit him at…


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