.meeting bailey roberts.

meet bailey. local wedding rockstar and an awesome all-around person. she spends her days capturing the beauty that surrounds her and evenings inspiring beauty in those around her. introducing the fabulous bailey roberts…


tell me about yourself and what prompted you to get into photography.

I own Bailey Roberts Photography and I specialize in wedding and engagement photography. I am based out of Avon, Indiana and photograph primarily in and around Indianapolis but am also available for travel worldwide. I have my have always grown up around art and imagination and creativity were always encouraged when I was growing up. My mother is the real artist, being a ridiculously talented painter and art teacher. In high school I got my first camera and after finding my artistic medium of choice, I haven’t put it down. I studied photography at Milligan College, earning a BA in Fine Arts and am proud to actually be a fine arts major with a career in their field. 🙂


what can clients expect from you when they book a session/wedding/event?

When clients book a wedding, session or event with me they can expect quality and peace of mind. I want them to have a fun, prepared and stress-free day when working with me. They can expect communication up front and genuine interest in them and their big day. They can expect me to make a fool of myself in order to get the perfect shot, which may or may not involve ridiculous jokes, laying in the middle of the street or climbing trees. I do whatever it takes to get the best shots for them and I want them to be comfortable and have fun in the process. 🙂

how do you create that one-of-a-kind experience for your clients?

I create a one-of-a-kind experience for my clients through my personal interaction with them. I have had so many clients that I have either become friends with because I photographed their wedding or friends that I have grown closer to for the same reason. I want my clients to have a very personal experience when they book me. I want to hear their ideas and use them in their session, all while putting my own style on them. I want their wedding or session photos to be about them and who they are, and I offer a bit of guidance to bring out the best of them.


who is your greatest photographic inspiration and why?

That is a tough question! I have too many favorites from too many decades. Allow me to bring out my nerd side for a moment. I earned an MSc in Art History in 2010 and I specialized in the history of photography. During my studies I focused on (off the record, baha photo pun!) the early French portraitist Felix Nadar, who is known as the ‘father of portrait photography’ because of his ability to depict a person’s essence in his photographs rather than simply producing a physical likeness. I thought that searching for the essence of the person in the photo was such a beautiful idea and realized that this is exactly what we look for in all of our photos today. One of the best things that my clients can say to me is ‘That photo is so him/her!’. That’s when I know I have done a good job. I don’t want to only offer physical likenesses of my clients. I want to give them images that remind them of the subject’s personality as much as their looks. 


is photography just the equipment and programs or is there something that makes it more?

It’s soooooo much more than just the equipment! (Although, you’d never hear me deny that the right equipment in the right hands makes a world of difference.) Photography is as much about the vision as it is the equipment. For me, my camera and lenses are my tools of choice to create the images that I already have in mind. It’s just so much quicker than trying to sketch everything out. 😉


what is your most memorable session/photographic experience – and why?

My most memorable photo session was a creative shoot that was inspired by all of the letters that people have written to me over the years. I’m probably overly sentimental, but I keep all of the letters and postcards that I receive. I wanted to convey the idea of how I carry those lovely words with me so I created a dress out of postcards from friends and family. I worked on this dress for weeks and photographed it on one of my friends while visiting St. Andrews, Scotland, where I had previously lived. It was so fulfilling to see my own dress photographed and even more satisfying that one of my images from that session was accepted to Vogue Italia’s website.


if you could photograph one person, present or past – who would it be? Why?

Honestly, probably Bono. I’m a huge U2 fan, so it would be epic to be able to photograph him (and the rest of the band). I wouldn’t want to photograph him in a studio. I’d actually rather travel with the band and photograph their lives in a more photo-documentary style. Bono doesn’t live the way that most other stars live and uses his position for the good of others. I have huge respect for that and would love to photograph his work with various charitable organizations to bring attention to those causes.


want more information on bailey roberts and bookings? visit her at the following links, or drop her a line.


Facebook page

Vogue Italia portfolio image

Email: baileyrobertsphotography@gmail.com

Phone: 317-500-0270


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