.meeting amanda fleming.

allow me to introduce our last feature photographer of 2012, amanda fleming. coast guard wife, theatre major, and a city girl – all wrapped up in one. ladies and gentleman: amanda fleming.


tell me a little bit about you and your business.

My name is Amanda and I’m the owner of Sorahana Photography. For starters, the name is Japanese. “Sora” means sky and “hana” means flower (I am always asked about the name :D). I’ve always had an interest in Japanese culture and actually took some Japanese classes in college (it’s a very hard language but it’s fun to learn!). It started out as an online alias, but now it’s my business. I mainly shoot Seniors, older children, Families, and Couples/Engagements. I was born & raised in Philadelphia (home of the cheesesteak!) and I am a total city girl. We currently live in Tawas City, MI (my husband is in the US Coast Guard) until we get sent somewhere else, & I’m still adjusting to living in the country, I miss the city. I miss the noise!


tell me a little bit about your photographic inspiration. who inspires you most and keeps you moving forward?

I would have to say my biggest photographic inspirations are Paint the Moon (http://paintthemoon.net), The Hoffers (http://hofferphotography.com), Root Photography (http://rootweddings.com/), & Allebach (http://www.tattooedbride.com) I just love all their shooting styles, the angles in their shots, the colors, & how much fun their clients are having. 

As for who inspires me and keeps me moving forward, that would have to be my Dad and my husband. My dad got me started & tells me that he’s proud of me & that means a lot to me (daddy’s girl). He always checks out my work and he shows it to my mom (she doesn’t have a Facebook!) and they both tell me that I’m doing a great job (thanks you guys!) There were times when I wanted to give up on the business but my husband encouraged me not to and here I am today doing it, hopefully full time one day!


what can clients expect from you before, during and after a session with you?

My clients can expect to have fun! We plan & talk about the session either in person or via e-mail and we shoot in a variety of locations. I try to have everyone be relaxed & natural. I also encourage everyone to ” be themselves”!  After their session, they can expect an in home ordering appointment where I show them their images on a computer screen and we “yay, nay, or maybe” all the images. The ordering appointment is always fun because I get to see my client’s reaction to their session and in majority of appointments, we share some laughs as well!


how would you describe your photographic style and customer experience? tell me a little about what sets you apart.

I would describe my style as fun and natural. I want to document the fun my clients are having during a session, they love they have for each other, and the connection they have. What sets me apart? I’m fun and actually do poses for my clients prior to them doing them so they know what to do, and they love that, especially my Seniors. I also joke with them and get them to relax and enjoy themselves. There is a lot of laughing during sessions with em.


how did you become a photographer? what did you do before this venture?

I always liked to take pictures. When I was in high school I was involved in a hobby called “cosplay” (dressing up as characters from anime, aka Japanese animation, or video game characters) and everyone who would cosplay at conventions would get their photo taken. I’ve always liked getting my picture taken so after a couple years of this hobby and meeting friends who are way more photogenic than me (hehe) & who have amazing costuming skills, I decided I wanted to be behind the camera. Before this venture, I was a well versed employee (having worked at a variety of places & in a variety of areas) with my Associates & Bachelors’s Degrees….in Communications and Theatre. Totally different direction than photography!  I took a photography class in college and my dad saw potential in me (he’s my biggest inspiration). My Dad gave me a Nikon D40 for Christmas the year I graduated college and that’s what started it all.

interested in a session with amanda? want more information? follow the links below:





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