pets are family. at least in my household they are. so, being family, one would assume you have their yearly portraits taken, too – right? what about portraits of you snuggling with them? no? well, lucky for all those fur-babies (large and small) out there, castle in the air is pet friendly. heather will come to you, and just like a human session, there will be smiling, laughter, and a very happy pet.

castle in the air also is proud to offer equestrian sessions. have a horse (or two or three)? heather will gladly travel to you, too! for more information on or to schedule castle in the air’s pet sessions or equestrian sessions, please call heather at 317.440.0240 or email her at heather@castleintheairphotography.com. please note pet and equestrian session availability are limited, so schedule your session early.


heather is a lifestyle and life event photographer based out of indianapolis, indiana

to schedule your lifestyle session with castle in the air, please call 317.440.0240



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