.leave yourself breathless.

castle in the air has opened a new branch of photography. beauty and sass by castle in the air is our premiere branch that caters to women who want to leave themselves breathless. women who want to empower their their lives. women who put their families first and themselves last. women who want to feel as beautiful as they really are.

beauty and sass specializes in glamour and boudoir. my goal, personally, is to leave each women breathless as she looks at her final products. why? everyone woman deserves to be put first. to allow her femininity to shine. to redefine her definition of beauty to include herself.

beauty and sass is simple. refined. beautiful. glamorous. prestige. bringing you only the best of you.

want more information? feel free to call heather at 317-440-0240 or email her at heather@castleintheairphotography.com

be left breathless. you’re worth it.


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