.meeting crystal harrison.

meet crystal harrison: photographer and cheer squad for her boys. she’s down to earth and a pro behind the camera who specializes in seniors and weddings. she’s one heck of a woman and one stunner of a photographer. castle in the air is proud to present crystal harrison.
crystal harrison photography
tell me about yourself and what prompted you to get into photography.
 Tell you about myself, hmmmm. Southern girl to the bone, momma of all boys and I have  slight obsession with Victoria’s Secret lip gloss. If I’m not doing a photography session I’m most likely at the baseball field watching my boys. I specialize in Senior and Wedding photography and I guess what gave me that push into photography was the fear of never going for my dream. One day I just said to myself, “I’d rather try and fail than never try and regret”. Never looked back since. 
crystal harrison photography
what can clients expect from you when they book a session?
 An experience they will never forget. My number one goal is to make them feel beautiful, important and confident.
how do you create that one-of-a-kind experience for your clients?
 When I work with a client there are numerous calls, emails and texts. You don’t just book a session then see me the day of. I am very involved in the planning process. Our locations, their wardrobe, walking them through what to expect and most importantly, trying to establish a bond that is in place before our photography session.
crystal harrison photography
who is your greatest photographic inspiration and why?
That is tough! So many talented photographers out there but I would have to say Emily Soto is a big inspiration of mine. Her images each tell a story every time. There is a raw realness in her work.
 is photography just the equipment and programs or is there something that makes it more?
Sure the equipment or editing software makes a difference but I believe it is more about knowing how to use what you have. You can have the most expensive equipment offered today but if you don’t know how to use it then it doesn’t matter what you have.
crystal harrison photography
what is your most memorable session/photographic experience – and why?
Without a doubt it was my very first photography session. What made it so memorable is the “feeling” I had that entire four hours. It was freezing, I couldn’t feel my hands – I know she couldn’t,  but it was pure magic. It was just a rush knowing I was doing the only thing I’m really good at in this life. 
if you could photograph one person, present or past – who would it be? Why?
My Nanny. She passed away in March of 2003. I would give anything just to have one last hug from her. I don’t have a lot of photographs with her because my parents didn’t really take many pictures.
crystal harrison photography
to find crystal harrison photography and to learn more about her style and to book, check out www.crystalharrisonphotography.blogspot.com or www.facebook.com/CrystalHarrisonPhoto. you can also find her on instagram, twitter and pinterest: @crystallensluv.
crystal currently services tennessee and alabama.