.colton:second birthday.

My son is two today. Yes, two. In celebration, we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo! He had a blast and, this being his first trip to the zoo, it was full of toddler expressions of joy: WOW! Whoa. REALLY?! We had a fantastic time…even if it was snowing.



















heather is a lifestyle photographer based out of indianapolis, indiana.

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.colton:16 months.

colton is a 16 month old bundle of energy. he’s always on the move – away from you. being a photographer’s child, he has grown accustomed to the camera and all things photographic. thus – he no longer looks at you when you have the camera out. (woo!)






heather is a lifestyle and life event photographer based out of indianapolis, indiana

for more information and to schedule your session, please call 317-440-0240.