.attention couples.

attention couples



heather is a lifestyle photographer serving indianapolis, indiana and surrounding areas

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.making choices.

as a photographer, you see things a little differently. the light isn’t just sunlight glaring in your eyes, it’s a golden glow that graces your face and gives you a delicate blush. the wind isn’t something that messes up your hair, it’s the gentle kiss on puts a touch of red on your nose and gives you that extra sparkle in your eye. the snow isn’t just white fluffy stuff, no – it’s so much more!

choosing a professional photographer isn’t just an option, it’s an investment and choice. you are choosing to have your portraits playfully created and beautifully captured. you are choosing to invest in memories you otherwise wouldn’t have created and may forget one day. it’s knowing that you have a portrait with those/the one you love – no matter what. and when you choose a professional photographer over a friend with a nice camera, you get so much more than just a picture. you get a portrait you can hold on to forever – and pass down to the next generation.

i decided to try something. the images below were taken of my son’s sock monkey (yes, a sock monkey) in the same location from different locations in my yard. being a professional photographer isn’t just about snapping pretty pictures – it’s about composition, angles, focus, and creative inspiration behind the scenes. the bottom three pictures are great snapshots, but not creatively inspired portraits. the top image is a portraits, capturing sock monkey’s better side, fixing his small blemish (a black thread on his chin), and proper lighting and exposure. all images were taken with the same camera and lens and in the same location.

now, allow me to introduce you to sock monkey and the difference between a snapshot and a portrait.


.bring on the cocoa.

it’s that time of year again. when we curl up on the sofa with a warm drink, a fuzzy blanket, and get lost in a good book. it’s also the perfect season for perfectly stunning portraits. snow is breathtaking. it adds a crystallized essence of pureness and joy, especially in a child’s gaze. it adds a whimsical touch to a couple’s engagement session. it’s also the perfect excuse for hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies. (can’t you smell them now?)

whether choosing an indoor lifestyle session of your family or an outdoor session of just the two of you, winter is the perfect time to schedule your session. especially if you have a christmas tree up.

to find out more about the lifestyle sessions castle in the air offers, please call heather at 317.440.0240


heather is a lifestyle photographer based out of indianapolis, indiana

to book or for more information, please call 317.440.0240

.happy days.

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.happy thanksgiving.

from our home to yours, have a happy and fulfilling thanksgiving.

may your day be full of family, hugs, love, good food, restful naptime for young and old, and football. (yes, i am a football fan.) but most importantly, may you create memories that will never fade!


happy thanksgiving!

.what lifestyle photography is all about.

did you know castle in the air specializes in lifestyle photography? well, it’s true. do you know what lifestyle photography is? let me give you a little insight into what i personally and professionally consider lifestyle photography to be. being a lifestyle photographer to me means capturing unscripted life moments. it means letting family be family, children be children, and couples be as fun as they actually are. it means telling jokes, getting to know each other, and calling each other friend. it means building relationships, catching real smiles and laughter, and always creating new memories. as a wife and mom, lifestyle photography is what i crave for my memory books. i don’t want us to look fake. i want us to be us. as a photographer, i understand the importance of a good pose. i also understand and appreciate how a pose can become so much more. it can quickly move from being posed to being a real moment. posing also shouldn’t look posed. it should look real and bring forth some sort of emotional response. that’s what i consider to be successful lifestyle posing.

heather is an indianapolis, indiana lifestyle and life event photographer

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.one a day.

i promised myself that as a photographer and a mom, i would be overflowing with portraits of my son. after i missed a few weeks when he was seven months old i promised myself i would take at least one picture of colton every day. these pictures are very dear to me, but they also show what great captures can be had in a lifestyle situation. posing isn’t everything. sometimes, just letting a child or family be themselves gives you more than you could ever hope for. and letting them be a child in their most comfortable habitat (home)? priceless. i hope you enjoy these as much as i do.

heather is a lifestyle and life event photographer in indianapolis, indiana

to book call 317.440.0240

.kelly and drew.

when i think about this couple a few key words come to mind: fun, energetic, and absolutely adorable. this couple has a great story – especially kelly’s one of a kind ring. drew designed, smelted, set, and polished her ring. how amazing is that?