.colton:16 months.

colton is a 16 month old bundle of energy. he’s always on the move – away from you. being a photographer’s child, he has grown accustomed to the camera and all things photographic. thus – he no longer looks at you when you have the camera out. (woo!)






heather is a lifestyle and life event photographer based out of indianapolis, indiana

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.one a day.

i promised myself that as a photographer and a mom, i would be overflowing with portraits of my son. after i missed a few weeks when he was seven months old i promised myself i would take at least one picture of colton every day. these pictures are very dear to me, but they also show what great captures can be had in a lifestyle situation. posing isn’t everything. sometimes, just letting a child or family be themselves gives you more than you could ever hope for. and letting them be a child in their most comfortable habitat (home)? priceless. i hope you enjoy these as much as i do.

heather is a lifestyle and life event photographer in indianapolis, indiana

to book call 317.440.0240